Bear-ier Metal Treatment


TC West Motorsports’ proprietary lubrication formula called Bear-ier has an effective friction rate similar to that of ice on ice.  This non-Poly formula contains no plastic, Teflon, or silica, thus, It can function in without losing effectiveness in temperatures up to 1300 degrees F and can withstand working pressures of up to 300,000 PSI. 


Bear-ier is a dry compound that can be sprayed directly onto the substrate (component being treated), or, is mixed with oil, grease and/or other binding agents depending on the requirements of the application.  Some of its properties include the ability to bind onto metal at a microscopic level providing extended periods of low friction lubricity.  


Bear-ier was conceived using some of the best known lubricants that are frequently used in aerospace, aircraft engines, professional racing, automotive and powersports, industrial drilling rigs and critical medical equipment. 


Because of its ultra low coefficient of friction (COF of .03, dymanic), you’ll see improved power and efficiency of any mechanical machinery that uses bearings, bushings, lubricated shafts, or an engine.  In the end, you’ll experience longer service life, increased power, and improved fuel economy.



How to get Bear-ier


For shafts, bushing and bearings:

Bring to shop for inspection and receive quote.  Components are treated with Bear-ier on a time and materials basis.


For Engine oil/crankcase:

Small Engine - $20 (treats up to 1 Quart)

Auto engine - $65 (Treats up to 5 quarts)

Large engine/Diesel – Varies to capacity; Typical cost $150



Time and material with $15 minimum. - Typically under $100



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